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Our Philosophy

If you have been given the opportunity to transition to a new, beautiful place in life, you may be in need of recreating your relationship with your finances . . .

  • how you feel about them.

  • how to define your financial goals.

  • what to do with them.

Karen Wehner at Wehner & Associates has been helping people just like you during the times of transition in their lives.

"Plan Your Freedom!"

Karen Wehner has been a practicing financial services professional for over 20 years. Ms. Wehner's office is a haven for individuals who seek to learn how to address prosperity and peace in their financial lives.

Whether you are divorced, widowed, retiring, or in the sandwich generation, Karen would like to share ideas with you that can help you feel more confident and address your financial goals. She has experienced many of the same things you have and, as a result, can share information that may help you.

Karen believes in having fun helping you:

  • Develop a financial portfolio that fits you.

  • Prepare for life's adventures.

  • Decide where you want your life’s work to go.

  • Build a new lifestyle that can hopefully accommodate all your responsibilities as well as your dreams.

Karen . . .

  • Patiently takes the time necessary for you to feel comfortable.

  • Lives by example and would not ask you to do anything she would not do if she were in your shoes. 

  • Continually seeks growth professionally and personally.

  • Believes in top-level client service.

  • Believes that you should enjoy life and have fun with your money.