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Transitions From Unhappy To Happy

How do we transition to that beautiful place – and set ourselves free for the life of our dreams?

Webster defines transition as:

  • passage from one place to another,

  • change from one state or condition to another,

  • passing directly from one key to another, and 

  • Interestingly, if we go one line further, transition means having power of passing across. 

Sometimes when we are changing or passing from one place in life to another, especially if it isn’t wanted or expected, it feels like we have no power at all! We can all think of the transitions we intuitively resist – and usually they amount to loss of some sort – such as the loss of a loved life mate or spouse; a beloved parent, child, or pet; loss of a job we thought we were secure with; or perhaps the loss of monies in our portfolio – I could go on forever listing the things that make us move from one place to another.

My desire as a financial executive is to give you support and resources to help you harness your power to move from one place to another – and make lemonade from lemons. To make the transition involves your finances, yes, but oh so much more! Usually the losses or transitions we don’t want are opportunities in disguise, and the power of passing across is discovering the opportunities that are in the transitions. After all, going from one to another means that one door is closing, but the space doesn’t stay empty for long! You have the choice of filling the space with something new and better.

Wehner and Associates can provide you support and information to help you accomplish your dreams.

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