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Wehners Wisdom Spring 2012

Wehner's Wisdom

Winter 2012

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Successful Clients, Mike and Irene Connors

I’ve known Mike and Irene since 2005 – and what a smart, savvy couple they are! First of all, their work ethic is awesome – these two each work full time, plus. They have made saving a priority, participating in employer retirement savings plans, and supplementing with outside programs. They have done a terrific job of selecting their investments, so the reward is this: They are well on the path to financial freedom! They have monies set aside for a home remodeling project. Mike and Irene started saving while they were young, and didn’t get involved with get rich quick schemes. Instead, they found jobs after college and continue to work, Michael at Alliant Techsystems, and Irene at the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. They consistently set aside money for financial independence, and are careful and thoughtful when financial decisions need to be made. They avoid overspending and bad debt, and it’s paying off! I can’t think of a better example of successful, self-created financial security! Thanks for the opportunity to serve, and for being such a great inspiration!

Spring has come to Wehner and Associates!

The new season always inspires me to think of new growth, both personally and professionally. This year in particular has been exceptional! First, professionally – I’m discovering new ways to help organizations I care deeply about, and it’s far more fulfilling than I ever imagined – thinking of others and using one’s talents to help others always seems to work like magic to make oneself happy! Personally, it’s also a thrill to watch the garden start to sprout!! This year in particular is especially fun since it’s starting so very early – feel free to come see!

Mr. Market on Steroids?

This first quarter has been fantastic for the markets, and I sense a cautious optimism in the air. Several good pieces of news have caused the markets to rebound nicely –

First, unemployment is at a multiyear low and several of the reports are indicating that the job market is in recovery mode - fewer unemployment claims, more people returning to job hunting mode who had given up, and busier factories. *

Second, at least for now the Greeks seem to have cash for the next couple of years, giving a little breathing room before the next payment is due. *

Third, people are actually buying more! November and December were fantastic for the car business, an industry we had almost given up for dead a couple of years ago. *

Fourth, home sales have picked up, and in some areas, prices have gone up – sort of like the beginning of gas going through the system to get to the engine - Let’s hope it makes it all the way through this time! *

* Sources: Various financial websites

Save the date!

This year we’ll be having the annual Wehner and Associates Summer Event on Friday, June 22. We’ll have entertainment, comfortable seating, yard games, and more – it’ll begin in the early evening! Looking forward to seeing you!